After year 2000,Books and Reports

Child Labour Around The World And in Turkey

Employers Associations Role in Fighting Against Child Labour: Sharing Experinces in The Field of Child Labour, Inter-Regional Conference Report.

Road to Faraway: The Memoirs of A Child Soldier

Working Children 2006

I was a Child, I was Little….. Child Labour in Turkey during 1920-1960

Children Workers Distorted Bodies

Children First: Children Living/Working in the Streets

An Integrated Programme for The Elimination of Worst Forms of Child Labour in Furniture Sector in Three Selected Provinces: 2004-2006

Time Bound Policy and Programme Framework for the Prevention of Child Labor

Izmir Project Report for Orienting Working Children to Education

Research Report Aimed at Children Working at the Wood Works Sector

Living Conditions and Future Expectations of Children Working in the Streets: The Case of Eskişehir Aimed at Problems and Proposals for Solution

Time Bound Programme: Achievements and Recent Developments So Far in Turkey

Success Stories from Street to Hope Model Studies Aimed at the Solution of the Issue of Children Working in the Streets: Ankara, Adapazarı, Diyarbakır, Gölcük, Yalova, Support Centers for Children Working in the Streets

The Medico-Social Problems of Working Children

Gender, Education and Child Labour in Turkey

The CLM (Child Labour Monitoring) in İzmir

For Handkerchief, Savory Rolls, Painting, Garbage,…….: Working in the Streets of Ankara

Turkey, Working Street Children in Three Metropolitan Cities: A Rapid Assessment