Problems of Working Children: Sivas Apprentice Training Center

Title of the Study: Problems of Working Children: Sivas Apprentice Training Center

Type of the Study: Master Thesis

Author of the Study: Oktay Atmar



Year/Place of Publication: Ankara, 2006 (TODAİE Public Administration Programme)

Language of the Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 139

Purpose: In the case of Sivas industrial zone, to determine the socio-economic properties and working conditions of children working at the industrial zone and studying at the Vocational Training Center. Therefore, this study aims to establish the situation. The second purpose is to determine how trainings given in Vocational Training Centers will be perceived by children.

Content: First part in the Labor Code bearing the title documents protecting children and child labor describes the concepts of child and child labor, and examines international and national regulations protecting child and youth labor. Part two examines the causes forcing children to work and evaluates problems encountered by problems and vocational trainings in the workplace. Part three gives the findings of the field study applied on the apprentices and employers in Sivas Vocational Training Center.

Method: Survey method has been chosen as data collection method. However, in interpreting and evaluating the survey, contributions of the researcher’s vocational observations are also benefited. The survey is applied to apprentices working in Sivas Vocational Training Center and working at the industrial zone and to master workmen employing these apprentices with them.

Excerpt: Wages to be paid to candidate apprentices, apprentices and students undergoing vocational education in enterprises and increases in these wages will be set by a contract to be made between the school administration and owner of the workplace by the guardian of candidate apprentice or the apprentice or its protector or himself or herself if he is mature. (p.39)

Some keywords: apprentices, apprentice training, vocational training, socio-economic level