Child Employment

Title of the Study: Child Employment

Type of the Study: Phd. Thesis

Author of the Study: Zafer Kaplan



Year/Place of Publication: İstanbul, 2001 (İstanbul University Institute of Social Sciences Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations)

Language of the Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 196

Purpose: Examination of child labour in different dimensions and demonstration of concrete cases for shedding light on what has to be done for the elimination of child labour in the future.

Content: Part one makes a description of basic concepts and gives definitions. Part two addresses the dimension of children’s rights. Part three examines the phenomenon of child employment in the scale of Turkey. Part four gives the field study conducted in İstanbul Eminönü district Sultanahmet neighborhood.

Method: Literature scanning and field study methods are used. The survey has been made on 80 children selling thins on streets by interview method. Focus is made to qualitative determinations instead of quantitative determinations.

Excerpt: The value of child varies by societies being traditional or industrial societies. With the industrialization of children, economic value of children, labor codes limiting child labour, compulsory education and social security measures reduce the potential economic value of the child, and increase the cost of child. (p.21)

Some keywords: working children, child rights, industrialisation, social security, national regulation