Children Working in Rural Areas – Probems and Solution Suggestions

Title of the Study: Children Working in Rural Areas – Probems and Solution Suggestions

Type of the Study: Unpublished report

Authors of the Study: Turkish Development Foundation Durağan Project Directorate


Year/Place of Publication: November 1995, Sinop

Language of the Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 19

Purpose: To outline what can be done to children living in rural areas especially in poor forest villages that are within the category that ILO defined who work for more than 5 months a year apart from their family and their village and supply their labour to others to contribute to family income.

Content: Report gives the findings of the Turkish Development Foundation’s 1991 ‘‘Development of Proper Public Forestry’’ project. And then Child Labour Types in Rural Turkey and Vocational Training to Children Working in Rural Areas surveys of Turkish Development Foundation and ILO are mentioned. The reactions of children that are hired in the child bazaar formed in Bafra, the renters expectations about the child, the properties of the employer family, the daily work plan of children, places where these children stay, clothes contribution to these children, recreational time spending, friendships and family relations are explained. And then project propsals aiming to cultivate the families in rural areas that would be sustainable are discussed. In the appendix part photographs, print pastes of newspapers and Turkish Development Foundation Project Directorate Village Maps are presented.

Method: The work depends on some field surveys and project foundings.

Excerpt: Every year where children are hired, rented and salary bargains are made in Samsun’s Bafra town child bazaar which resembles a child stock market which is presented as an ordinary news by the broadcasters just because of its news value is a typical example of child labour.

Some Keywords: child market, child bazaar, renting-selling children, children working in rural areas