The CLM (Child Labour Monitoring) in İzmir

Title of the Study: The CLM (Child Labour Monitoring) in İzmir.

Type of the Study: Research – Evaluation Report (The work has been conducted within the scope of the ILO-IPEC Programme.)

Author of the Study: Dr. Dilek Cindoğlu



Year/Place of Publication: 2003, Ankara

Language of the Study: English

Number of Pages: 39

Purpose: Description of the method used within the frame of the programme for the elimination of child labour in some selected sectors in Izmir during the years 2000-2003.


Content: Targets, method and results of the programme conducted in Izmir within the frame of the ILO-IPEC programme have been revealed. In this framework, 5890 children under the age of 15 working in car repair works, textile sector and shoe production sector are removed from working life and enrolled with relevant schools to make sure they get the necessary education.

Method: Prepared as a report, this publication discusses the method followed within the frame of the programme to eliminate child labour in relevant sectors between the years 2000-2003 in Izmir. Questions asked in questionnaires and method used is given at the end of the report.

Excerpt: The formation of this type of collaborative working group on child labour enhanced the level of institutional support available and ensured that referrals were well-coordinated at an operational level. (p.15)

Some keywords: working children, apprentice training, child labour survey