Determining Nature of Poverty on Child Labour

Title of the Study: Determining Nature of Poverty on Child Labour

Type of the Study: Master Project without Dissertation

Author of the Study: Metin Turan



Year/Place of Publication: İzmir, 2006 (Dokuz Eylül University Institute of Social Sciences Department of Labour Economics and Industrial Relations)

Language of the Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 134

Purpose: Study of poverty and determining nature of poverty on child labour.

Content: Part one discusses poverty, child employment and relevant concepts. Part two discusses the grounds in which child employment has emerged, what its forms are and what results it has created. Part three discusses the dimensions of poverty in the world and in Turkey revealing the dimensions of poverty and child employment.

Method: Literature scanning method is used.

Excerpt: In general sense, the basic reason of child employment is poverty for the family. Generally, it is one of the ways of basic requirements of household. Children with families deprived of economic and social security are obliged to work to contribute to their families. In some cases, it is only the child who brings income to the family. (p.111)

Some keywords: child labour, reasons of child labour, social security, poverty