Child Employment in Labour Code

Title of the Study: Child Employment in Labour Code

Type of the Study: Master Thesis

Author of the Study: Emine Berrin Turan



Year/Place of Publication: İstanbul, 2004 (Marmara University Institute of Social Sciences Department of Law)

Language of the Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 162

Purpose: Study of the legal dimension of child employment.

Content: Part one discusses the regulations forming the legal basis of child labour. Part two gives a description of child and child labour concept is explained and basic concepts on this subject are given by revealing the difference of this concept from apprentice and trainee.

Method: Literature scanning method is used.

Excerpt: Another difference between apprentice and child worker is that apprenticeship contract is for the time period until 19 years of age, thereafter the apprenticeship contract between the parties will terminate as a rule but as an exception the previous apprenticeship contract with an apprentice who has terminated the age of 18 before its contract has expired will survive the termination of contract. (p.95)

Some keywords: apprenticeship, child workers, national regulation