From Traditional Apprenticeship to Child Labour: A Field Survey

Title of the Study: From Traditional Apprenticeship to Child Labour: A Field Survey


Type of the Study: Report

Authors of the Study: Sema Erder – Kuvvet Lordoğlu


Year/Place of Publication: 1993, İstanbul

Language of the Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 223

Purpose: To outline what can be done to children living in rural areas especially in poor forest villages that are within the category that ILO defined who work for more than 5 months a year apart from their family and their village and supply their labour to others to contribute to family income.

Content: In the first part, concepts like child labour, child labour in İstanbul, apprentice training and related centers are discussed. In the second part results of the employer survey is given. In the third part data obtained from apprentice survey is pointed out. In the fourth chapter working conditions of the apprentices, in the fifth chapter the way the apprentices look at themselves, in the sixth chapter girl apprentices, in the seventh chapter expectations, and in the eight chapter findings and result can be found.

Method: The research depends on the observations made and interviews done in Ümraniye Small Enterprise Industrial Site where employers are heavily using child labour like metal, machinary manifacturing and textile sectors.

Excerpt: Consequently, the existing apprentice system is regulating the relations between governmet, employers and apprentices. All three partners seem to be happy with this system. But, we have a lot of concerns about how this system can contribute to the enhancement of the skills of apprentices and will rise the incomes of these children. (p.183)

Some Keywords: apprentices, apprentice training, child labour, national regulation