Advice Group First Meeting

Title of the Study: Advice Group First Meeting

Type of the Study: Meeting Report (Working Childern Department Capacity Building Project / Within ILO-IPEC Context)

Authors of the Study: Ministry of Labour and Social Security Department of Working Children


Year/Place of Publication: November 1996, Ankara

Language of the Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 100

Purpose: The aim of advice group is to gather organisations, associations, foundations, labour unions, NGO’s and government agencies fighting against child labour to share knowledge and experinece and to create a platform to find solutions to the problem. This report aims to share the knowledge, experince and solution propasals to the problem mentioned.

Content: People attend to this meeting from organisations, associations, foundations, labour unions, NGO’s, universities and government agencies. After the openening speach members of the comittee and the projects are presented. In the workshops children working in informal sector, children working in rural areas, the ways to benefit from mass communication services, children working in service sectors, apprentice children, legal and administrative framework for child labour are discussed. Labour General Directorate- Working Children Department (the projects are outlined), Gürhan Fişek- Fişek Health Services and Research Institute (Fişek Model is presented), TESK Vocational Training Center(Workplace inspection is emphasised), TİSK( presented its ongoing projects), Ministry of Education Apprentice and General Education Directorate (ILO-IPEC projects are presented), Center for Children on The Streets of Ankara (gave knowledge about the center) presented these subjects.

Method: Oral and written presentations are quoted.

Excerpt: The importance of this project is that Turkey is one of the two countries that is implementing the ILO project with three partite approach. I guess one is India and the other one is Turkey. The othee countries are implementing the projects only with the governance of labour unions and governments. Though Turkey is using the three partite approach with the inclusion of employers. Therefore, Turkey is under close follow up by the ILO center. (p.13)

Some Keywords: apprentices, informal sector, public institutions, children working in rural areas, trade unions, NGOs