Working Children in Turkey Field Survey Preliminary Report

Title of the Study: Working Children in Turkey Field Survey Preliminary Report

Type of the Study: Field Survey Preliminary Report

Authors of the Study: Ministry of Labour and Social Security


Year/Place of Publication: May 1994

Language of The Study: Turkish

Number of Pages: 123

Purpose: To make inter-sectoral comparisons using the data obtained from the surveys conducted between February 1994 and March 1994 and to create a base for realistic solutions.

Content: The data(working conditions, socio-cultural characteristic, structural characteristics of the employers, apprenticeship evaluation, factors effecting risk conditions) observed from field surveys conducted by 7 groups in 7 different sectors(metal, woodwork, service, confection, textile, leather, automotive) are presented. Also observations, suggestions and determinations about occupational conditions are shared. The report enables readers to make sectoral comparisons.

Method: In total 738 workplaces are inspected, 1671 out of 3479 children, 712 out of 738 employer and 574 skilled craftsmen are questioned. Work groups are formed in 7 cities(Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Bursa, İstanbul, İzmir, Samsun). To be able to reach the workplaces some records and sweep net sources are used.

Excerpt: Within the program mentioned the reasons why children work, the occupational conditions, the policies that should be created to enhance the conditions of the working children are discussed in a meeting with the attendance of experts from ILO on October 1993. It is decided in this educational meeting that to be able to enhance the working conditions of the working children and to keep them away from working, the profiles of these children should be explained with related numbers concerning the situation. (p.5)

Some Keywords: working children, working conditions, ILO-IPEC