Fişek, A.G. (1992); “Mortgage To Countries’ Future: Child Labour”, Petrol-İş ’92 Torch, p. 481-494

Fişek, A.G. (1992); “Mortgage To Countries’ Future: Child Labour”, Petrol-İş ’92 Torch, p. 481-494.

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After determining the importance of child labour within the international human rights documents from a historical perspective the article continues with the consideration of Turkey in this framework. The child labour concept and its compatibility with human rights issue is taken up within the 3 main human rights tools (The right to work in a healthy and safe place, education right, the right to satisfy basic human needs). The distruction that was caused in the society because of the use of child labur is a mortgage on future and the efforts to recover the situtaion can not be seperated from the efforts to enhance the human rights concepts are discussed in the result and evaluation part.

An Excerpt from the Article:

Either to contribute to family income, or to get rid of future needs child labour(apprenticeship) is an economic concept. The early entry of children into labour markets which has a more economic explanation, withdraws children from education which will make it impossible for them to reach the maximum of their skills. Therefore, child labour can not be considered as a part of the socialising process. (p.486)

Some Key Words:

working conditions, child labour, human rights, socialisation, international regulation